This website is written and (poorly) maintained by me, James Methvin. I'm also known as Jeemusu in some most circles. I picked up the handle after taking Japanese as a minor in college. Jeemusu (pronounced "jeh-moo-sue") is simply the English name James romanized and phonetically translated into Japanese using the Japanese (syllabic) katakana character set.

I am a graduate of Cal State University, Fullerton where I majored in Computer Science and minored in Japanese. My primary interests include all things videogames (this would encompass the playing of videogames, development of videogames, reviewing of videogames, etc.) and programming my family mostly nowadays.

Aside from videogames my family, I'm also pretty fond of sci-fi, fantasy and nerd culture in general. When I have free time outside of work I like to dabble in many technology-centric things, mostly related to programming. I also enjoy reading books, binge-watching TV on Netflix/Hulu and playing videogames on many different platforms - I'm an equal opportunity gamer.

Back in 2010, I was offered an opportunity to work for Microsoft in the Office division on the Word team. I worked for roughly 4 years as an SDET (Software Design Engineer in Test) on Microsoft Word. Following a shift in strategy for Microsoft, I am now a Software Engineer on the Word Team. For the majority of my time on Word I worked on testing typography, and authoring automation and tools to support the testing of typography. Now I'm working on telemetry monitoring for File I/O (Open and Save); still on the Word team.

If you would like to contact me please refer to the contact section of the site (as mentioned there, LinkedIn is usually a good choice). If you experience any technical difficulties or find a bug or grammar error, you can email the webmaster (also me) by following the "webmaster" link at the footer of any page (if that happens to be broken again - is the way to go).

For anything else, the navigation bar is your friend.

Thanks for visiting!