October 4th, 2015

Another couple years; another update... finally! So, now I've got two kids, a house, probably a minivan in my future and very little time to even think about projects and programming outside of work. I'm mostly just trying to keep up with the challenges of being a father, and whatever else I've got left goes to the day job. I still find time for videogames, and try to make time for other stuff (like programming, reading, etc.), but I'll admit, it's a challenge every day. With that, maybe I'll see you with another update in another couple of years! ;-)


April 28th, 2012

Lots has happened since I last posted or updated anything on this website. Working at Microsoft now, living in Redmond, Washington now, and I'm married with a baby. Whoa... I hope to be keeping current with this site a bit more with new tutorial and review content. Crossing my fingers I'll have the stamina and diligence to keep my word on that. But here's a start.


August 12th, 2010

Leading up to and following the job fair that the awesome Jim Rivers put together I decided my website needed an update regarding the projects that I have worked on professionally as well as the projects that I have worked on in my spare time. So feel free to check out the Projects section under Programming. I also felt the urge to flesh out the Tutorials section (also under programming) and the reviews and stories section under writing. I fleshed out the about section as well, since I've been putting that off for some time now. If you could check out my changes. If you find any errors or want to offer any constructive criticism you can email me using the email form under the Contact section. Thanks!

P.S. Still haven't created a workable database to streamline this content and have it load dynamically. Argh... There is just too much to do. -_-


May 10th, 2010

The website has seen a lot of changes in the past week. I've completely redesigned the entire site; almost from the ground up.

In the next couple of weeks I hope to get some database functionality working within the site for projects and news. I can say, with confidence that most of the basic framework and design is finished. My goal is to have real intuitive updates that poll a database, instead of faking it like I am now. -_-

Come back later to see the big changes. Thanks for coming by.


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